(morse): familiar_unknown

Hello Everyone!

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything.  That seems to happen a lot around here, eh?  Why did it happen this time?  Well, I've been slowly working on the new (morse) album - and...it's not finished.  It's actually got a ways to go.  You've seen the artwork, so I figure I'll tease you a little bit with the tracklist for "familar_unknown" - the final (morse) album.

1 _ Glitch Nebula
2 _ Chronnus (Blue Million)
3 _ The Death
4 _ Nibiru
5 _ Darkstar
6 _ The Death II
7 _ The Chrysalis Moon

Don't have a clue what I'm refering to with (morse)? (it has been several years since the most "recent" release)  Check out the previous releases below:

The Chrysalis Moon
A|| Look to the Heavens ||Z
War EP
And War Came Forth

I'll get back to posting creatures soon...ish...

Sinister Sam 2.0

This is a reimagined version of a villian from a comic book I made in my highschool days.  Before there was Super Sam, there was Sinister Sam.  He was an evil Martian ghost who "possessed" Super Sam and really muddled up storylines.  He was eventually defeated and Super Sam became a hero once again.


Our puppy graduated from "beginner" training classes today.  He wore a graduation cap.  He didn't like it.

Micro 2.0

A reimagined version of a superhero I made in my highschool days.  Remember v1.0?
Check out the original sketch for this one below.